Winter Won’t Step Aside

I watched the late February snow wither under the bold sun today. Despite temperatures that held in the 20s, there was nothing to stop it from doing quick work of the snow and ice along the streets and alleyways.

Despite this, winter is not giving up easily. Bitter mornings are ahead and the temperatures don’t even come within 10 degrees of normal. However, (there’s always an ‘however’) spring is marching on.

Tomorrow is full of that sun – almost a carbon copy of today. It’s Sunday that may get to you. Snow returns to the forecast late in the evening and plowable amounts are likely into Monday morning. Yes, there may be delays, yes there may be slick spots, and yes you’re probably tired of hearing that – almost as much as seeing my mug on TV over the weekend. Trust me, I’m sick of me too.

In any event, the amounts appear to the right.

If that map has you down, let me sprinkle some spring into your 7 day. I’m still seeing a whopping warmup for the middle of next week as a mild storm taps into the growing warmth in the Southeast U.S. 40s are clearly in play, and maybe a few 50 degree readings are possible too.

It’s quite a turn of events. Whether it signals a genuine pattern change or just a blip on the screen remains to be seen.

Have a good weekend….
…and RIP Leonard Nimoy.