Wisconsin man drives into pond then checks into hotel

Kenosha, WI (WHDH) — Investigators suspect alcohol was a factor in an auto accident that left a car partially submerged in a Wisconsin pond on Tuesday.

When authorities discovered the vehicle, the driver was nowhere to be seen.

Police say the man lost control of the vehicle before driving into the water.  He then walked into a nearby hotel and did not report the crash to police until the following morning.

“I saw this glare out here so I thought ‘this must be the parking lot right here’ and as you can see my tires are turned to the left and I drove directly into the water,” said driver Michael Shanahan. “There is no guardrail or anything there and then boom! I’m in the water! I was tired! I just stayed here and I just figured I’d do it in the morning.”

The 911 call didn’t come in until around 7:00 a.m, almost four hours after the crash.

No one was hurt and police have not said if the driver will be facing any charges.


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