NEW RICHMOND, WISCONSIN (NBC) — A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl is accused of slitting another teen’s throat in hope of making her first kill.

The girl has been charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide.

As the teenage girl tried to beat her brother’s girlfriend to death, she gave a simple reason why, telling her victim during the two-hour attack that she’s a psychopath who wanted her first kill.

“To be 14-years-old and come up with this idea and acted on it, it is disturbing,” Chief Deputy Scott Knudson of the St. Croix County Sherrif’s Department said.

Authorities said that idea came because the girl was jealous of the victim, wanting to scare her enough to move away, and police called how she did it “disturbing.”

Investigators said the girl told them everything about the crime, giving them all kinds of details in a 45 minute confession.

Police said the girl admitted planning the crime for days. She snuck out at 4:00 a.m., rode her bike 11 miles to New Richmond, then hid the bike and snuck into the victim’s house through an unlocked door.

“Her comments, her actions, calculated,” Knudson said. “It’s shocking.”

Then, wearing blue rubber gloves, she crept into the victim’s bedroom and hit her with a closed fist, repeatedly punching and kicking her, pulling her hair, then smashing two ceramic bowls on the victim’s head.

With a backpack and pajamas to silence the victim, she took a shard from the broken bowls and sliced the victim’s throat at least four times.

She gave the victim water, covered her with a blanket, and threw her cell phone so she couldn’t call for help, asking the victim if she wanted to die right now or bleed out.

The girl then left, telling the victim to “enjoy the afterlife.”

Authorities said they were lucky to find the victim in time to save her.

The 14-year-old girl charged with the crime is in juvenile custody.

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