Wisconsin town fines parents of repeat-offender bullies

Parents in a small town in Wisconsin may be facing a fine if their child is accused of bullying.

Earlier this month, the town of Plover passed an anti-bullying ordinance.

Parents now face a $124 fine if their child has bullied anyone multiple times within 90 days.

“It’s not the school’s responsibility to raise the kids. It’s the school’s job to teach the kids. It’s not the police’s job to raise your kids. It’s the parent’s job to raise the kids. I certainly can’t imagine you don’t get good results when including parents/guardians in what’s going on with their children, so I have to assume it’s going to be a good result,” said Plover police Chief Dan Ault.

Ault says he has not received any complaints of bullying since the town passed the ordinance.

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