With 2 weeks left, 7News fantasy football league as close as ever

To full get a grasp on how tight the playoff race is in the 7News fantasy football league, let’s look at the standings:

1. Tim Caputo 8-3
2. Joe Amorosino 7-3-1
3. Dan Hausle 7-4
4. Jeremy Reiner 6-4-1
5. Trey Daerr 5-6
6. Kris Anderson 5-6
***Playoff Line***
7. Brandon Gunnoe 4-7
8. Alex Corddry 4-7
9. Nicole Oliverio 4-7
10. Pete Bouchard 4-7

As luck would have it, all four of the 4-7 teams play each other in Week 12. That could create the separation teams so desperately seek in the hunt to make the playoffs, but it also means that very few spots have been clinched thus far.

Corddry faces off against Oliverio in Week 12, while Bouchard and Gunnoe’s matchup may well eliminate one 

It was Week 11 that saw the league’s top two teams – Caputo and Amorosino – did battle, and they did not disappoint, with the two teams posting the highest scores of anyone in the league. It was Amorosino, however, who came out on top with a 114-103 victory.

Despite the strong finishes thus far, it will be Trey Daerr (four straight wins) and Kris Anderson (two straight wins) who will need to win to hold their tenuous grips on the final playoff spots. Daerr takes on a suddenly strong Jeremy Reiner team, while Anderson takes on Amorosino.

It may all come down to the wire. Stay tuned…

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