Witness video captures shooting in Virginia

Alexandria, VA (WHDH) — A witness captured the terrifying moments a man armed with a rifle opened fire at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field, targeting Republican lawmakers who were practicing there.

In the video you can here people running for help, see others hiding behind a dugout and one player running to safety.

Lawmakers, staff members and even a child ran for cover, jumping into dugouts and over fences to avoid the gunshots.

When the shots die down, you see people racing to take care of the injured on the field.

While witnesses watched in terror, calls poured in to first responders.

“We were sitting ducks in that dugout,” said Rep. Chuck Flieschmann of Tennessee. “When I got in the dugout I realized there was blood all over the place”

Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana, the House Majority Whip, was shot and seriously injured.

Several others were injured as well, including a Congressional staffer, a lobbyist and two Capitol police officers.

Law enforcement identified the gunman as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.

He was shot and killed by police.

President Trump called for unity in Washington.

“We are strongest when we are unified,” said President Trump, “and when we work together for the common good.”



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