Witnesses describe a chaotic scene in NYC after explosion

NEW YORK (WHDH) - Witnesses described a chaotic scene in New York City Saturday night.

First responders rushed to the scene as witnesses tried to comprehend what had happened in New York City Saturday night.

“You felt it in your heart,” said Sonia Luthra, a resident of the area. “Like when you’re hearing fireworks, it felt like fireworks,” added Luthra.

“It was abnormally loud, it was startlingly loud, and it was very, very, scary,” said Aiden Leslie, an eyewitness.

The blast captured from different angles on surveillance video inside a gym.

An explosion and then debris raining down was visible to across the street.

“I saw an elderly man, which was very hard to watch, but he had blood on his face, he had blood on his arms,” said Leslie.

For New Yorkers, the immediate aftermath of the blast brought back terrible memories, some fearing the worst.

“I lived through 9/11, get concerned about humanity,” said one eyewitness.

It was very reminiscent of that kind of feel,” said Leslie. “People were scared, and you could see it on their face,” added Leslie.

The investigation is ongoing.

City leaders hope witnesses will come forward to help piece together exactly what happened and find who’s responsible.

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