Witnesses describe scene of Methuen plane crash

METHUEN, MA (WHDH) - Witnesses in Methuen described what they saw as a plane crashed into a building on Tuesday.

The buildings at Pride’s Crossing, just across the Merrimack River from the Lawrence Airport, is in the flight path.

Vera Kimball, a Methuen resident, never thought one would hit her building. She was inside with her granddaughter sleeping when it happened.

“An unbelievable sound, unbelievable sound, and all of our smoke detectors went off…” said Kimball. “…I looked out back and it looked like snow but it was insulation all over the grass but it was a plane into the building and they made us all get out,” she said.

Kimball’s neighbor, Nancy Downey, was also home on the first floor.

“You could smell it when you walked outside, you could smell the burning and i looked up and there was smoke and the airplane was hanging out of the roof,” said Downey.

Both woman said they’ve something like this would happen and have complained about the planes in the past.

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