Witnesses describe tragic accident at Lynnway Auto Auction

BILLERICA, MA (WHDH) - The Lynnway Auto Auction was packed Wednesday morning when an SUV plowed into a crowd of people. By one estimate, there were more than 1,000 people checking out used cars.

Witnesses told 7News that the SUV suddenly accelerated, drove the length of the building, crashed through the crowd and then smashed through a concrete wall. They say bodies flew as people dove to get out of the way.

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“There was just a loud noise,” said witness Andre Federov. “Everybody started running toward that direction.”

There were two long red lanes inside the building with used cars moving slowly, only at about 2 miles an hour, as auto dealers looked on.

“It’s like a lane. It’s like same as your driveway,” said witness Jerome Jjooga. “The car comes through and stops in front of the desk. People bid on the car and after they finish bidding, the car keeps going.”

Witnesses said an employee in his 70s, driving a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, quickly sped up into the crowd. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said he accidentally hit the wrong pedal in what was a “tragic accident.”

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The driver was not injured, but witnesses said he sat in the driver’s seat among all of the carnage nearly expressionless, likely in shock.

“He looked pretty much like he knew whatever was going on,” a witness said. “People talked to him. They told him to stay calm and in the vehicle.”

Three people were killed in the crash. Nine others were hospitalized.


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