Woman accused of trying to set off explosive device during traffic stop

(WHDH) — A woman is facing charges after she allegedly tried to light an explosive while talking to officers during a traffic stop.

Police say a criminal case against Charlaya Moore, 23, of Florida, began when an officer tried to pull her over in Jacksonville’s Grove Park neighborhood.

Officers identified something suspicious about her car, but instead of stopping, police say she took off.

Another police officer spotted Moore’s car and forced her to pull over on Antiqua Road. It was there that the officer says he tried to get Moore to exit her car, but she refused.

According to the arrest report, while Moore was inside her car, she reached under her seat and pulled out an explosive device that she was trying to ignite.

One of the officers gained entry into the car through the passenger door, where he was able to grab the explosive device from the suspect.

Once Moore was placed in handcuffs, officers searched her car and say they found more explosives and multiple disguises, including wigs and glasses.

It’s unclear why she had those items and what she planned to do with them. Moore allegedly told police she was heading to her boss’s house a few blocks away.

Moore is charged with possession of a destructive device, aggravated assault on police and resisting police with violence.

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