Woman arrested, accused of attacking officer in Westborough

WESTBOROUGH, MA (WHDH) - A Worcester woman was arrested after police said she attacked an officer who pulled her over for speeding in Westborough.

Police said Silvia Bodden was pulled over after 10 p.m. Tuesday at the corner of Route 9 and Otis Street after an officer clocked her for speeding. When the officer wrote her a ticket and started questioning her passenger about his identity and the open container of alcohol in the car, Bodden allegedly started shouting.

Police said Bodden threatened to call her lawyer and opened the car door. She allegedly got out and shoved the officer, saying, “You know you’re only stopping us because we’re black.” Police said she punched the officer in the head and he then used a stun gun on her. When he used the stun gun, Bodden allegedly ripped the probes out and continued to fight him, striking him in the head area twice.

Police said the officer used the stun gun on her again and with the help of three backup officers, handcuffed Bodden. As she was loaded into an ambulance, officers said the told the medics she was putting a voodoo curse on them. She also allegedly shouted at the officers, “We’re from Dorchester, my people will find you and kill you all.”

Bodden did not answer when reached for comment. She was released after a court appearance Wednesday and is due back in court at the end of May.

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