Woman attempts to kidnap boy on MBTA bus

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WHDH) — Two different attacks on two different MBTA buses put Danyelle Abrams behind bars.

In Boston she is accused of breaking a bus door window and assaulting the driver. But in Cambridge, she’s charged with trying to kidnap a child, right out of his seat.

“I’m a mom. I can’t even imagine something like that. That’s scary on so many levels, that she would try to make my child out of my hands directly. That’s scary,” said Brandy Grant, who rides that same bus route the attempted kidnapping took place on.

Police said on Monday night Abrams spotted a five-year-old boy while he was with his family waiting for the bus.

“It was very scary for the child and the family. It began at the bust stop where this individual was making claims that the child was her son and went on to the bus. It escalated when the fight occurred,” said MBTA Police Chief, Joseph O’Connor.

On board, police said the woman grabbed the boy by his waist, but she took off when the family fought her.

“I’d probably hop over a couple of seats and things would, they’d be ugly,” said one woman.

The next day, near Dudley Square, police said a fare dispute prompted Abrams to attack a driver and smash a window. She was arrested and taken into custody. After that, police connected her to the attempted kidnapping.

“We all have to watch out now for each other. You never know who the next kid is going to be,” said Veline Emile, who was concerned about the attack.

Police said they used the cameras on board to connect Abrams to the crime.