Woman delivers baby in Maine driveway

A couple from Maine welcomed their daughter into the world in a surprising way last Friday.

The expectant mother gave birth in her driveway, before she could even get in the car to go to the hospital.

Abigail Cain’s labor started out like most contractions in the middle of the night that got more and more intense.

While her husband Joe started gathering their things for the hospital, Abigail went out into sub-zero temperatures to start the car.

“I had a strong contraction so I bent over and put the phone down and I felt the need to push,” she said.

She yelled for her husband and laid on the horn, but baby Danica wasn’t waiting any longer.

“I went out with the last bag out the front door and I could’ve sworn I heard a baby crying and I’m like no, no, no that’s not a baby I’m not hearing that,” Joe Cain, the baby’s father, said.

But he was. Joe walked out the door expecting to see his pregnant wife, and instead got his first look at his baby girl.

“I was like Joe, I had her. I just had the baby. We need towel and blankets. You need to call 911. We need to get in the house now,” Abigail said.

They bundled Danica up, called 911, and waited for the ambulance.

Joe went into protective father mode but Abigail wasn’t scared at all.

“I just had her to my chest. She was looking at me and I was looking at her. You know it’s the same as I felt with my son you just look at them and know that they depend on you and it’s just overwhelming,” she said.

A little girl who just couldn’t just wait to make her way into the world.