DORCHESTER (WHDH) — Marjorie Juste described the moment her mother and dog were viciously attacked by a pair of angry pit bulls in the middle of their morning walk in Dorchester.

“She was just walking, minding her own business, and all of a sudden the dogs came after her out of nowhere,” the victim’s daughter said. “It’s nothing she expected, she didn’t know the dogs were behind her, running after her, until after, when the attack happened.

The attack left Marjorie’s dog, Major, with severe gashes, and injured lung, and an injured leg. Her mother was mauled in the arm trying to protect the small dog.

That’s when a Good Samaritan — who didn’t want recognition — rushed in to help, she and a co-worker jumping out of their van and pulling the two to safety.

“You’re trying to help, but I had to do everything in my power not to throw up,” the woman said. “It was so scary, it was literally like a horror movie.”

Juste says the attack left her mother in a lot of pain and her dog may now need surgery. She says she doesn’t think her mom will ever be able to take the dog for a walk again.

“To see them suffering like this and I can’t do anything about it,” Juste said, “it just hurts. I’d rather me be in that predicament.”

Animal control officials told 7news that the plan was to take the dogs into custody but they weren’t able to do so today. There is no word on whether the owner will face charges.

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