Woman faces charges after more than 60 animals found in ‘filthy’ Auburn home

AUBURN, MASS. (WHDH) - A woman in Auburn is facing charges after police said dozens of cats and dogs were seized Tuesday from a home after they were found living in filthy and unsanitary conditions.

Police officials, along with rescue agents from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, executed a search warrant at 4 Buron Terrace and deemed the home “unfit for human habitation.”

“It was extremely dirty. There was a very strong odor of ammonia, which is admitted from cat feces and urine,” said Auburn Det. Lt. Scott Mills. “It was a filthy, unsanitary environment.”

Police said a total of 61 cats and dogs were seized from the home, including two litters of puppies and four litters of kittens. The animals were taken to undergo a health evaluation and have since been placed in shelters in Boston and Auburn.

“A lot of them had overgrown nails, matting, urine-stained fur,” said Alan Borgal, Law Enforcement Director for the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “There were six kittens in very poor condition.”

Authorities said a 67-year-old woman who owns the home was breeding and selling the animals. She has also been the subject of 11 prior complaints filed with the Board of Health since 1993.

“Most of the complaints were from people who had purchased animals from this woman, where the animals almost immediately became sick,” said Mills.

The woman, whose name has not been released, will face charges of animal cruelty and operating a kennel without a license. Her 70-year-old husband could also be charged.

Neighbor Patti McGough told 7News she never saw the woman taking any of the dogs for a walk and only ever saw some of the cats walking around.

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