WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A woman faces accusations that she set a triple-decker Worcester home ablaze in May, which claimed the lives of four of its residents.

Prosecutors said the woman, 36-year-old Yvonne Ngoiri, used to live in the home. She pleaded not guilty in court to the May 14 fire.

“It’s just hard,” said Imani Page, the daughter of fire victim Vincent Page, 41. The family described the former Pepsi-Cola employee as quick to crack a joke or a smile.

She said she remembered going to the home at the time, searching for answers.

“I seen my dad’s car on the other side of the street and like, I knew it was his,” she said. “I just like, remember falling to my knees in disbelief that he was really gone.”

Fire officials said that along with Vincent Page, the other victims were Marcel Fontaine, 29, Christopher Lozeau, 53, and Joseph Garchali, 47. Another resident jumped from a window to escape the flames and was seriously hurt.

“You’re like, trying to figure out what would have caused it and everything like that, and I know with fires it takes a while so were were just kind of waiting to see,” said Jahill Herrera, Vincent Page’s sister.

Investigators determined the fire started in the back of the home and the cause was arson.

“That’s upsetting, ‘cuz people didn’t have to lose their lives over this,” Herrera said. “My brother would have been here with us, seeing my son grow up, seeing his daughters grow up, be at their weddings when they get married or have their kids and he doesn’t get those opportunities now.”

“There’s no bringing him back,” Imani Page said. “I’m glad they found somebody responsible for it.”

Prosecutors are not releasing a motive in this case, but the suspect is being held without bail.

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