Woman helps deliver neighbor’s baby in California

La Mesa, CA (WHDH) —  A woman in California is called a hero for doing two good deed within minutes.

First she helped her neighbor deliver a baby and then she saved the baby’s life.

It all started Thursday night when Jordan Walker was outside her El Cajon apartment and a woman showed up frantic.

The woman said her daughter was having a baby and to call 911. As Walker’s boyfriend dialed, she ran upstairs to help.

“Found her in the bathtub with half the baby already out,” said Walker, “so I just got in the bathtub with her and I was just telling her she needs to push.”

After coaching through several more pushes the baby came out but the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times.

“We just took the umbilical cord off his neck and I held him upside down and I was patting his back,” said Walker. “A minute later I started hearing him make some noise and started crying.”

With the baby breathing, Walker worked with paramedics over the phone to stabilize the mother and child.

Walker is a medical assistant but she has never had any training in child birth.

She called him her miracle baby, aptly named Ezekiel, which means ‘God’s strength.’

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