Woman killed by tiger attack at China zoo

A tourist was killed and another was injured after being mauled by tigers on a safari at a park in Beijing on Saturday.

The surveillance video shows a woman getting out of a car while it was stopped in a tiger enclosure at Badaling Wildlife Park.

The woman walks to the driver’s side door and opens it, but a tiger suddenly attacks her from behind and drags her away.

The male driver of the car raced after the woman, and another passenger also races out of the car to join the rescue attempt.

A jeep belonging to the park also races to the scene to try to save the woman.

Unfortunately, the second woman was killed by another tiger.

The zoo has now been closed to the public as an investigation continues.

The park is one of the largest zoos of its kind in China. The park is well known for large groups of dangerous animals that roam wide open ares through which tourists can drive their own cars on safari-style tours.

Zoo rules state that all tourists must keep their car doors locked and windows closed while driving in the park.