Woman outraged that TSA took pictures with lobster she shipped

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WHDH) — A Connecticut woman said she did not find it funny when she learned TSA agents posed for pictures with a giant lobster she shipped to a customer.

“This is TSA. These are our personal belongings. They have a duty to be respectful and do their jobs, not be nosing around in our stuff, taking photographs,” said Lisa Feinman, who owns Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Feinman said she carefully packed the 15-pound lobster, along with several smaller ones, in a cooler for a customer in Georgia. The customer checked the cooler as baggage at Logan Airport.

“There were a dozen lobsters in there. This one was on the very bottom, so 11 other lobsters had to be dumped out. It was completely wrong,” said Feinman.

When Christopher Stracuzza got home to Savannah, he knew TSA had gone through his cooler. He did not realize a photo had been taken of the giant lobster until someone sent it to him. Stracuzza is also upset and said the TSA went too far, sharing a photo of his private belongings. He said he paid more than $600 for the lobsters.

“I pay to have security secure my luggage, not for them to go through and take it out just to take photos of it,” said Stracuzza.

The TSA said they sometimes share photos on social media to educate the public about their mission. They also said they will personally reach out to Feinman and Stracuzza.

The TSA also said that they routinely remove items from bags in order to properly screen and clear the contents.

Full statement from TSA:

“TSA will respond to the passenger’s complaint directly. During the busy summer travel season TSA officers will screen more than 2.3 million passengers per day. On occasion TSA shares images through social media to provide helpful travel tips and to better inform the traveling public about TSA’s mission.”

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