A mother who had little time left made sure to leave something behind for her daughter– words of love and guidance.

She likely didn’t know her gift would take 23 years to reach her daughter.

Amanda Lemmond didn’t have much of her mother to hold onto.

Her mother, Barbara Hyatt, died of bone cancer 23 years ago.

“After my mom passed away, I was shipped around all over the country, from Washington state to Texas, to Louisiana, to Texas, back to Washington, back to Texas,” Lemmond said. “In and out of state care foster care.”

She was lost without her mother, until the right words found her.

Two letters that were two decades old, filled with messages of love, hope and inspiration, were sent to Lemmond from the executor of Barbara Hyatt’s estate.

“It’s a connection to her that I never thought I’d have again,” Lemmond said.

Pictures, medals, and even Lemmond’s birth certificate were included in the letters.

She plans to hang up some of the pictures around her home.

Lemmond said she’ll put her mother’s letters in a scrapbook so she can share them with her kids when they’re older.

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