Woman recounts trying to help teen beaten at Lowell party

TEWKSBURY, MA (WHDH) - A woman who attended the same party as a Tewksbury teen left badly beaten said she tried to save him when she found him unresponsive.

Police said 15-year-old Ethan Costello, a sophomore at Tewksbury High School, was at a party in Lowell when he accidentally tripped onto 18-year-old Joe Zagarella. He then allegedly picked up Costello and slammed him head-first into the concrete.

“I don’t think I ever saw him breathing. His eyes were open, he was staring at me but his pupils were so dilated they would not focus at all,” said 18-year-old Sarah Ward, who got to the party after Costello was beaten. Ward, who recently graduated from Tewksbury High School, said she knew something was wrong with Costello and she had to help.

“He’s foaming everywhere, blood everywhere. No one would move out of the way and I’m screaming at kids to move, this kid is gonna die,” said Ward.

Ward said no one at the party would call 911 because they were concerned they would get in trouble. Police said most of the 75 teenagers at the party were drinking and intoxicated. Ward said she and her three friends who helped Ward were not drinking.

“They took him, brought him in the house, tried to give him a shower, he’s still not responding at all,” said Ward.

Ward and her friends put Costello in a car and rushed him to Lowell General Hospital. Days later, Costello died from his injuries.

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