Woman rescued after car plunges into frozen pond in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WHDH) — Several good Samaritans rescued a woman in Minnesota after her car crashed into a frozen pond.

The woman said her windows began to fog up and she could not see the road when her SUV veered off a ramp and landed in a frozen pond in Minneapolis. As the woman’s car began to sink, several other people pulled over and rushed to help her.

Ken McNamara said the woman crawled to the back of her car and used a fire extinguisher to smash the back window as he called 911. McNamara and a few other people pushed the broken glass out of the way and pulled her to safety.

McNamara said the woman was in shock but was able to walk to the ambulance for help. The woman had some minor cuts but is expected to be OK.

“They are fantastic. Good Samaritans willing to get involved to take action and help somebody in need,” said Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Robert Zak.

McNamara said he is not a hero but just did what anyone else would have done.

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