LOWELL, Mass. (WHDH) — A close call this Independence Day as a five-year-old boy nearly drowned in a pool in Lowell. Witnesses said a nurse jumped in and saved the child's life.

There was an urgent request for an ambulance at the North Common pool after a child was discovered lifeless in the pool by a lifeguard. Police and EMT’s headed to the scene. Witnesses said two lifeguards along with a nurse jumped into action. They pulled the boy from the pool and the woman started CPR. Witnesses said the five-year-old was stabilized and then rushed to the hospital.

“He was under the water for a while because they were' wrestling, and when the kids came out they saw him under the water, so they jumped in the water” one witness said.

“I got there and there was a lifeguard and another woman giving the child rescue breaths. At that point the child was breathing. We gave it some O2, put it on the gurney and got it back to the ambulance,” said Lt. Kevin McCauley, Lowell Fire Department.

Officials from the Department of Conservation and Recreation said that the five-year-old boy is at the hospital and doing ok. He will be held overnight for observation. The pool reopened, and there are now six lifeguards on duty. Investigators are trying to figure out where the boy’s family members were when all of this happened.

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