Woman says 8-week-old dog kicked, stomped by stranger in East Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - A routine walk Tuesday in East Boston took a terrifying turn when a woman said a stranger walked up and stomped on her dog’s head.

Zha Zha, an 8-week-old toy Maltese, had to be rushed to the emergency room after a morning walk turned into a nightmarish day for both her and her owner.

Danica Shurlan says she was playing with her pup in a patch of grass when a man walked up and attacked Zha Zha.

Danica Shurlan holds her puppy, Zha Zha

“He just said this dog shouldn’t be on the grass,” she said. “Just like that.”

The man kicked and stomped on Zha Zha’s head, according to Shurlan. The puppy weighs less than 3 pounds.

Shurlan says she is shaken by the horrific incident.

“I’m shocked that someone would do this to a small, helpless creature,” she said. “If he would do this to a helpless animal, god forbid he would do this to a child.”

After spending nearly six hours in the hospital, Zha Zha is doing well and does not have any broken bones, but she will have to be fed through a syringe and be monitored for some time.

Shurlan did not have her cellphone with her at the time of the attack. She told police that the man was about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, about 25-30 years old, with dark, curly hair.

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