Woman uses pickup truck to get victims to hospital after Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (WHDH) — A woman at the music festival in Las Vegas used her pickup truck to rush victims to the hospital after gunfire erupted.

Las Vegas resident Lindsay Lee was sitting front row at the concert when the gunman opened fire. Lee ran to safety, heading to a nearby airport. She filmed the whole thing on her phone.

“People next to me were shot,” said Lee in her video. “We just started running because we were terrified that we were gonna die. Literally so many people just ran, broke in the airport. That guy shot his machine gun for so long.” Lee said the security guard next to her at the concert was also shot.

The amount of casualties at the concert was so overwhelming, other concertgoers jumped in to help the first responders. In Lee’s video, victims could be seen being carried out on metal barriers being used like stretchers.

By the time Lee and her fiance made it to their pickup truck, they were asked by frantic concertgoers if they could use the truck to bring some shooting victims to the hospital. People were put in the back and Lee said one victim died in her truck on the way to the hospital.

Other witnesses said they found people hiding from gunfire underneath their cars in the parking lot.

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