Woman’s cat injured when neighbor’s cat sneaks in, attacks

(WHDH) — Kristen Cuddy’s cat, Grace, was a victim of cat-on-cat crime.

“It was terrifying,” Cuddy said.

Grace was badly injured with multiple bite wounds last month after a neighbor’s cat snuck into the Rhode Island home and attacked, the scary scene happening just outside the newborn baby’s room.

The Cuddys say the neighbor’s Savannah cat had gotten into their house through a vent. And it wasn’t the first time the cat had sneaked in without an invitation — the family says the cat had come in on other occasions by knocking out a window screen.

Kristen Cuddy says the cat’s owner knew it was happening.

“I told the owner that I would hope that she could better control her cat,” she said.

But after the attack, Kristen called authorities, and Animal Control took the Savannah cat.

The state’s veterinarian says Savannah cats are not allowed as pets in Rhode Island, mostly because there’s no rabies vaccine for it, but also because some can be dangerous.

The cat was relocated to Massachusetts, where the animals are allowed.

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