WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A Worcester 17-year-old is being recognized for making the right decision when he found expensive jewelry in the pocket of a donated coat and the owner is paying his good deed forward.

Luke Cohelo made the shocking discovery when he put on a coat that was donated through a South High Community School program called Andy’s Attic. Inside were two Gucci watches, a bracelet, and two diamond rings. Immediately, he knew the items must be special to someone.

After a little detective work, Cohelo and his aunt, Taryn, were able to track down Dave Kenney, of Worcester, after checking the coat and finding his name and the name of his employer.

“I found the local Worcester branch and found out it was only about a mile from our house,” Taryn said.

Turns out the items had a lot of sentimental value for Kenney, who says the jewelry was from his late mother and wife and were meant to be given to his daughters, who now have the rings.

“He did a real honorable thing,” Kenney said. “They were worth a lot of money but to me, it wasn’t about money, my two daughters have gone through the loss of their grandmother, their mother, their dad’s in bad health, and that stuff belongs to my daughters … they were so joyful that they got it back.”

“There’s honest people in this world,” Kenney said, adding that he paid the good deed forward by helping Luke find a job.

“There’s so much good that came out of doing the right thing — and not that we did it for anything in return, it just kind of snowballed into this really huge blessing of a week as Luke put it,” Taryn said.

Luke, who is from Brazil, plans on working the job Kenney helped him get before eventually joining the Marines.

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