Worcester water main breaks leave hundreds without water

Crews in Worcester are working to clean up another major mess after two water main breaks left hundreds of residents without water Wednesday.

The first break was the result of a 12-inch pipe that burst on Tacoma Street at Constitution Avenue. An excavator could be seen digging up the road as crews work to make repairs in the area.

About 540 families in a Worcester Housing Authority complex were left without water. A photo from the scene showed a black Toyota sinking into a sinkhole that had formed in the road.

The second break was blamed on an eight-inch pipe that burst on Agate Street. About 18 homes in the area are without water.

Worcester Department of Public Works Commissioner Matt Labovites says there is a water main break in the city about every five days due to an aging system.

“We have got a very aggressive lining and cleaning program. We replace water mains,” Labovites said. “It’s a function of having a major system.”

A massive water main break flooded many streets in the city last week, leaving a motorist trapped in a sinkhole and in need of rescue.

Officials hope water in the impacted areas will be returned to normal by 5 p.m.