WINDHAM, N.H. (WHDH) - For the third time in two years, workers at the transfer station in Windham, New Hampshire have found a wedding ring accidentally thrown in the trash. 

The latest find came after a woman called the transfer station on the day before Thanksgiving saying she may have thrown out her ring. 

“She gave me some particulars: at what time her husband threw the trash out, what was in the trash bag, what kind of car he was driving,” said Windham General Services Director Dennis Senibaldi. 

Speaking with 7NEWS, Senibaldi said the transfer station has surveillance cameras. Those cameras, he said, were the key to finding the lost ring. 

“We were able to track when he was here, exactly what time he threw the trash out and where the trash in the trailer was located,” he said. 

Senibaldi said the trash in question “was literally the first scoop into the trailer.”

“That’s 12 feet down from the top of the trailer that we had to dig through to find her one bag,” he said. 

In total, Senibaldi said there were probably 20 tons of trash in the whole trailer. 

As they searched, workers looked for the other items the woman threw out as a guide to find the ring.

“That’s really the key,” Senibaldi said. “– Knowing what’s in your trash bag, knowing what time you’re here.” 

After about two hours, workers had the ring. Senibaldi said he called the woman who had previously called for help.

“Talking to her on Wednesday, she was completely heartbroken. Friday, when she came in, she was happy as can be, gave me a big hug and was very thankful. It was just a good ending to a story for Thanksgiving.”

Officials said this find came almost a year to the date after someone else lost their ring in the trash.

“We are public servants and I think this really, this brings the meaning of public service,” Senibaldi said. “That’s why I work here.” 

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