Workers perched 500 feet above ground keep Patriots flag untangled during parade

BOSTON (WHDH) - As more than one million fans cheered from the ground as the Patriots Super Bowl parade made its way through the city Tuesday, a couple of workers were high above, untangling a giant Patriots flag atop the Hancock Building.

The flag got twisted in the winds Tuesday, and two men were 500 feet above ground making sure it stayed untangled.

Jim Morrin and Mike Penny were in harnesses and fighting the wind to keep the 50-foot flag flying.

“We would come down and we would have to go right back up. We just decided to stay up there a little longer, watch over it,” said Morrin.

Penny and Jackson decided to stay attached to the flag pole for the entire parade.

“I kept joking to Jim that they were cheering for us because we were fixing it,” said Penny said.

“We were joking about that up there. We would get it untangled, and hear them yelling,” said Morrin.

And the view of the parade, 500 feet up on a clear, warm day, wasn’t bad either.

“Best seats in the house,” Penny said. “You get to look down on Copley Square. It is great.”

The flag flew high for the Patriots, and they hope in title town they’ll be able to do it again soon.

“Hopefully the Bruins will win the Cup so we can hang that flag,” said Penny.

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