Last week, while we we’re trying to figure out just how much snow was on the way, a number of people were concerned this weekend storm would be the start of another snow blitz (understandable since it was almost a year to the day the blitz began) but I can assure you we are not about to get 94" over the next 30s days (that how I define the Snow Blitz).

The other issue about that Blitz pattern was the extreme and unrelenting cold we endured in -between the blockbuster snowstorms. Chris Lambert reminded me of a cool stat over the weekend–from January 24th (start of Blitz) until March 4th, Boston’s temp did not reach 40. Unreal. Boston picked up 6" of snow late Saturday-early Sunday yet our temps  tomorrow are heading for the upper 40s. That is a more typical winter for Boston….yeah it snows but in-between the snow, you melt it. Good for commuters & their spirits.

Tomorrow, we are heading for the upper 40s but the trade-off is more clouds and a little wind (That wind is needed to pull the warmth into New England). Wednesday we see more wind  and unfortunately that wind will drag cooler air into the region by late day. i still think we can eek out a mild day with the numbers in the upper 30s & low 40s for much of the day.

Our next threat of snow is Friday. It will be two weather systems at play. One storm diving out of the Great Lake states while the other forms in the southeast and races toward Nova Scotia. The first storm mentioned will try to pull that ocean storm closer to us and perhaps heavy snow. As of now, I don’t think that happens. What is more likely to happen is the Great Lakes storm swings through here on Friday with scattered snow showers. More on this tomorrow. ;o)


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