Worried about contracting COVID-19? Local health experts have an app for that

BOSTON (WHDH) - Health experts at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University have created an app called “COVID Symptom Tracker” that helps identify those at risk for the deadly disease sooner.

Users will need to answer questions about their current health then that information will be used to determine if those feelings are symptoms that need to be treated.

Researchers said everyone should download the app and use it — even if they are not feeling sick at the time.

“Essentially we need everybody to pitch in, and just spend a couple minutes a day, and I think with all that data together we can make some significant advances and really try to catch up because we’re in so many ways behind in this fight against COVID-19,” Dr. Andy Chan said.

The data also tracks hot spots and designates which areas of the country need more personal protective equipment.

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