Wounded dog finds forever home after being rescued by bicyclist

(WHDH)– A wounded dog found on the side of the road earlier this month now has a forever home thanks to a man biking through Georgia who carried him away to safety.

Jarrett Little found the dog, named Columbo, suffering from a broken hind leg and toe. He gave the pup food and water, placed him on his back an rode to downtown Columbus, where Columbo underwent treatment at an animal emergency center.

Once in town, Andrea Shaw, of Maine, took an immediate interest in Columbo and rescued him.

“We found Andrea Shaw once we arrived in downtown Columbus. I hugged her because she spoke so nice to me,” Columbo said in a Facebook post. “I bled on her new shirt. She must’ve liked it though because that’s when she called her husband and said ‘I’m saving this dog.'”

Doctors placed four pins in Columbo’s hind leg to stabilize the fracture while it heals and wrapped him with a cast.

Shaw brought Columbo back to Maine with the help of Grateful Doggies.

He is now recovering and enjoying life with his big brother Luquillo, a 13-year-old German Warmblood horse, and his canine siblings, Pluto and Levi.

To follow Columbo’s journey, click here.

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