At last, we reach the end of our journey – but it went out with a bang.

Nasty downpours hit early and often on the South Shore this morning, flooding many backyards, streets, storm drains and roadside ditches from Berkley to Marshfield. Later on, the focus shifted west to Waltham with a small, powerful storm hitting in the early afternoon. This from @mark_leger11:


 And this in Medford from @jacksuslak

 And if there was any doubt what a lightning strike can do to a pine tree in Hanson (think boil the sap and make it explode):

 Thanks to @HansonFire for that.

 No more worries like that for a while. We’re toning down the message and drying out the air. Dewpoints are coming down as drier air sweeps across the Commonwealth. The first surge of less humid air actually came in this morning across Western/Central Mass., but has since stalled. It’ll get another nudge tonight as the front recharges and the air refreshes.

Super weather heading into the weekend. (Streak rolls on this summer!) Sun will hold, the humidity stays low/tolerable and the sea breezes return. Super summer stuff.









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