Class Act:

Xyla Foxlin

Nominated by:

Tim Campbell

Nomination Story:

 Xyla Foxlin of Lexington High School is truly a class act. She interned this past Summer at our business at the Lawrence Municipal Airport in North Andover working for flight time in order to achieve her dream of learning to fly. While here , she fueled jets, washed airplanes, greeted our customers with her never ending enthusiasm and took on the task of bringing our sales office into the 21st century.

Xyla was given a limited budget and a time schedule and she met both. She squeezed in taking flying lessons here and is getting ready to solo for the first time. In her spare time, she is captain of Lexington’s 65 member robotics team,Spotlight operator for the schools plays and musicals, A varsity member on track and field, a costumed guide on the Lexington Battle Green.

As a violinist with the school’s Chamber Orchestra she volunteers to teach younger classmates as well as a woman with Down Syndrome as part of her physical therapy once a week. Xyla does all this with a quit  e dignity that belies her age. She is truly a remarkable young lady and a class act.

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