YARMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) — Police believe a 27-year-old mom was trapped in her wrecked minivan overnight Wednesday after she crashed 20 feet into the woods in Yarmouth.

The temperature dropped into the 20s Wednesday night and the woman may have spent eight hours stuck in the vehicle.

A man walking his dogs at 7 a.m. Thursday saw the mangled vehicle and called police. The wrecked Honda Odyssey was sitting on its side among knocked over trees.

“The woman was trapped upside down with her head underneath the dashboard,” said Chief Steven Xiarhos of the Yarmouth Police Department.

A woman who lives nearby said she heard a crash at about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

“I heard her speed by and I said to myself ‘woah, she’s going fast,’ and I heard what sounded like a crash but there was no break sounds or anything of that sort,” said the neighbor.

She feels awful because she did not call police.

“It was so quick, it was just bang, you know and I just talked myself out of it…out of calling the police,” she said.

First responders worked for 30 minutes with two sets of the Jaws of Life, to free the victim, cutting through not only metal, but trees.

“You couldn’t be any more proud of them,” said Chief Michael Walker of the Yarmouth Police Department about the officers who saved the woman’s life.

Neighbors said the woman lives with her two young daughters and that she lost her husband four years back.

Investigators said she was able to speak with them at the crash site.

The woman last remembers being with a friend. She is now being treated in the trauma section at Mass General Hospital and doctors are doing their best to keep her alive.

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