The year in politics started with a change at the State House–
Governor Charlie Baker’s first order of business was overshadowed by snow, snow, and more snow!

"It is going to look like a blizzard out there," said Gov. Baker in January.

For more than a month snowstorms pummeled the region –  many MBTA trains broke down or got stuck – stranding hundreds of commuters!  The governor was not happy:

"Next week everybody comes back to work, and the thing better be working," said Gov. Baker.

But it wasn’t all bad- by summer, those winter blues were behind him.
He took the ice bucket challenge, wearing a "Free Brady" t-shirt.

In New Hampshire, the Presidential race heated up in 2015- because of one politician who was on everyone’s lips-

"Donald Trump," said Jeb Bush
"Donald Trump, " said Carly Fiorina
"If you look at Donald Trump…:  said Sen. Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump jumped into the Republican race, and from the start, said whatever was on his mind- 

"They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,  they’re rapists…"

"A total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States…"

"I would bomb the s*** out of them."

The frank talk boosted his poll numbers.

His opponents, tried to pull him down, to no avail.

Trump:  "Real tough."
Jeb Bush:  "You’re not going to be President of the United States by insulting your way to the presidency."
Trump:  "Well I’m at 42, you’re at 3.  So, so far I’m doing better."
Bush:  "It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter."

 On the Democratic side in New Hampshire- former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is neck and neck with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

"I think we win here in New Hampshire," said Bernie Sanders.

In October on Capitol Hill, Clinton faced 11 hours of tough questions on Benghazi and use of her email account-

"Well, Congresswoman," said Clinton, "I did not conduct most of the business I did on behalf of the country on email.                                    

She stayed cool- while committee members got hot- mostly with each other:

"..I’ve reached no conclusions," said Chairman Gowdy, "and I would advise you to not reach any conclusions either…"                      

"I believe we’re out of time," VP Joe Biden said.

In late 2015, Vice President Joe Biden finally made it clear- he wouldn’t be running for president.  

And House Speaker John Boehner stepped down.

"I decided, you know, today’s the day I’m going to do this," said Boehner.

After much encouragement, Congressman Paul Ryan took over as Speaker of the House.

Former President Jimmy Carter announced this year he had brain cancer.  After months of radiation treatment and taking a new medication, the 91-year-old told his church congregation:
"When I went this week, they didn’t find any cancer at all, so…"  said Carter.

His cancer is gone!

President Obama opened diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015.

And after a December terror attack in San Bernandino California, the president weakly declared: "We’re at war", and put the onus on Congress to act:

"If Congress believes, as I do, that we are at war with ISIL, it should vote to continue to authorize military force against these terrorists," said Obama.

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