My Ode to Belichick:  Bill, Dude… (Can I call you ‘Dude?’)  You’ve gotta give me a chance!  I mean, I just moved into town – and you have the opportunity to win me over as a die-hard Patriots fan… So, you can just keep your generalizations to yourself.  Can you see the future?  Do you give us an accurate forecast of the final score before every game?  You may have a tiny bit of an argument here – we can’t be right 100% of the time, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to give all meteorologists the “cold shoulder.”  You must understand that “fortune-telling” isn’t an exact science, but there is a method to the madness… and you do need our forecasts.

So Bill, get ready for a WINDY and COLD game this Sunday!  Though, I can’t give you a forecast for the score. 

Okay, enough of the rant.  I have said that sports experts and mets can often speak conflicting languages, so I am not surprised by Belichick’s comments.  I will say though that there is a science, a reason and a rhyme behind what we do to take a look into our “crystal ball.”

Most of it starts by looking at the current conditions… but I digress…

It was quite the storm that worked through the Great Lakes and Midwest today, and that storm will carve south overnight tonight to ultimately join up with more energy along the coast before it causes trouble in our neighborhood.  The breeze will kick up late tonight and the winds will really start to howl on Saturday afternoon.

As far as the watches and warnings go:

High Wind Warning:  In effect from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon for areas along the south shore, Cape Cod and the islands.  Gusts could get up to 50-60 mph, and power outages are likely due to downed trees and power lines.

High Wind Watch:  In effect from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning for northeastern, eastern and interior southeastern Mass. as well as all of Rhode Island.  Winds out of the north will be 20-30 mph, and gusts up to 50 mph are possible.

Coastal Flood Watch:  In effect from Saturday evening through Sunday morning.  NE winds will add to wave height.  High tide is expected at 6:56 PM.  

Yes, a chilly rain comes with this storm system but temps are too mild for snow in Massachusetts.  Saturday will be a stormy, wet, windy and raw day.  Sunday will be drier but colder, with winds still whipping in.  Highs through the weekend will top out in the mid to upper 40s.

Would you believe it if I told you we’re back to near 60° next week?  Looks like it could be the case Tuesday and Wednesday… but this is the pattern that we’re getting to know pretty well by now:  mid-week warm-up, followed by a cold weekend storm.  Could this mean snow is just around the corner?

One last thought:  Bring it, Belichick!  :c)  

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