Young Star Wars fan gets movie-themed prosthetic hand for Christmas

PHOENIX (WHDH) — Even with his new hand, gripping a bat isn’t easy for 5-year-old Jacob Taggart.

Jacob was born with just a thumb and partial fingers on his right hand.

“He’s been so frustrated trying to change and to fit in with the other kids,” said his grandmother, Linda Taggart.

The Arizona-based More Foundation agreed to see Jacob and build him a new hand. But it’s no ordinary prosthetic.

It’s a Star Wars-themed Storm Trooper hand.

“We have customized it to meet his size and shape requirements,” said More Foundation Executive Producer Marc Jacofsky. “And we have also customized it to meet his personality by making it a storm trooper hand.”

The prosthetic came at no cost to Jacob’s family. The foundation says insurance companies often won’t cover prosthetics for children because they grow out of them too fast, but they were glad to make life a little easier for this little Star Wars fan.

“It was the best gift I’ve ever given,” Jacofsky said.

And although holding a bat is still a little tricky, he certainly had better luck with a light saber.

Check out the video above for Jacob’s story, and to see his impressive skills with a light saber.

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