You’re Getting Colder!

 Ever play that game as a kid?…..The one where you are tasked with finding something among your peers and they give you hints as you search……you’re getting warmer……warmer.!!…….oh——now cool….cold…….freezing cold…..That is essentially the game we’ve been playing and will continue to play for a few more days (even if we don’t want to play this game, Trebek).

Temps are running about 20-25 degrees colder now than yesterday at this time (7am) and adding insult to injury we still have some leftover wind from yesterday driving wind chills down close to zero. The good news is that we’ll quickly get rid of the wind today but also lose the sun at the same time. the reason for the sun ghosting us today is a little weather system that zips south of New England. This tiny storm produces clouds as well as flurries (eve some patchy light snow at times). this system is fast moving & weak so most towns see little if any accumulation.

Much the same tomorrow but instead of a tiny storm it will be an arctic front that blasts through the region. As this front comes through here it’s likely to produce flurries & even some snow squalls (brief but intense snow showers). The coldest of air holds off until tomorrow night & Thursday. This punch of air is likely to set us up for the coldest day of winter on Thursday with morning temps close to zero (either side of the goose egg) and afternoon highs only in the mid/upper teens. That sun will shine on us for moral support. Clouds & the risk of patchy light snow return for Friday.