‘Zero options at this point’: Mass. citizens stuck abroad unsure when they’ll be home

The coronavirus emergency has left several people from Massachusetts stranded thousands of miles away from home. Now, they are hoping for a miracle to help get them back to the United States.

Jackie Tuazon and Jose Madrid said they were scheduled to fly back to Lynn from El Salvador on Wednesday but, at the last second, they were told the country had closed its borders.

“There’s just no support from the United States, there’s no support from the U.S. embassy,” Tuazon explained. “We’re at a standstill at this point and I’m terrified.”

Countries across Central America and the developing world have announced sudden airport closures due to the coronavirus scare.

Clark University graduate Corie Welch said she was not able to book a ticket home from Honduras — where she has been living for several months.

“I have been told that the U.S. Embassy at least partially evacuated. So the embassy was able to get out, but there are still from what I know at least 50 plus U.S. citizens trapped in Honduras right now,” she said.

Senator Ed Markey of Mass. is one of nine senators who signed a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking why the State Department did not send out notifications or make any arrangements to get U.S. citizens home safely.

“Nobody’s really providing us with any information or options,” Madrid said. “We pretty much have zero options at this point.”

Those stuck abroad say there is no way of knowing how long they’ll have to hold out.

“I’m terrified. I don’t know what’s to come. I’m not sleeping anymore, I’m not eating… it’s just not a good situation.” Tuzon said.

The State Department has given the three of these people a timeline on when they might be able to return home ranging anywhere from seven days to 12 weeks.

Though, it is possible they could be stranded even longer than that.

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