Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro seal the deal on their second consecutive gold title while making Olympic history in the process.  Dujardin’s ties cyclist Laura Trott for the most decorated British female in Olympic history and surpasses the record breaking score the duo set in the London Games.

The gold wasn’t the only deal Dujardin sealed on Monday in the Olympic Equestrian Centre. The 31-year-old agreed to head to the alter with fiancé Dean Wyatt Goulding.

Goulding cheered the reigning gold medalist from the crowd sporting an impatient message on his shirt. The 35- year-old former long distance runner tapped a sign to his shirt which read “ Can we get married now?” for Dujardin to see as she claimed her Olympic title.

Dujardin admitted that Goulding had already proposed to the British icon, but their plans to head to the alter were put on hold until after the Olympics.

Dujardin accepted a proposal from her partner in 2008 and revealed that the sign was a message to get her to ‘say yes more’ and move along the process.

The couple split up for three months after the London Games, but reunited shortly after the pressure Dujardin’s win put on her subsided. 

The two plan on tying the knot sometime within the next year. 

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