Jade Jones (Great Britain) vs. Eva Calvo Gomez (Spain) 

Great Britain’s Jade Jones defeats Eva Calvo Gomez to reclaim the gold medal she won at the 2012 London Games. 

Jones exploded for two consecutive head kicks halfway through the first round to take a 6-0 lead. 

Gomez came out quick in the second round, scoring two points but Jones put her on the ground to get a point back. Soon after, Gomez landed a push kick and a head kick to cut the deficit to just one. 

In a thrilling final round, both competitors traded body shots, but Jones landed two head kicks in quick succession along with a body kick to take a 15-7 lead. She would earn another body shot.

Jones def. Gomez 16-7. 

Alexey Denisenko (Russia) vs. Ahmad Abughaush (Jordan)

Ahmad Abughaush defeats Alexey Denisenko in a brilliantly fought gold medal match to earn Jordan their first ever gold medal.

Both fighters came out throwing kicks, but no points were registered during the first round. 

Abuahaush earned a quick point for a body shot in the second round, but the rest of the round went scoreless.

After trading body shots to open the round, Abughaush struck with another body shot, then a flurry of kicks including a spinning head kick. The match was out of reach for the Russian afterwards.  

Abughaush def. Denisenko 10-6. 


Hedaya Wahba (Egypt) vs. Raheleh Asemani (Belgium)

Scoreless after three rounds, Wahba scores a body kick as Asemani comes forward. Wahba runs to the crowd and grabs an Egyptian flag to run around with.

Wahba def. Asemani 1-0. 

Joel Gonzalez (Spain) vs. Edgar Contreras (Venezuela)

After a scoreless first round, the competitors traded body kicks late in the second round. 

 In the final round, Gonzalez stung Contreras with a head kick to go up 4-1, and held on late.

Gonzalez def. Contreras 4-3. 

Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin (Iran) vs. Nikita Glasnovic (Sweden)

The first registered strike belonged to Zenoorin, who connected to the body of Glasnovic. The lead was doubled when Glasnovic fell out of bounds. 

Zenoorin landed a head kick to go up 5-0, and rode defended well to end the match.

Zenoorin def. Glasnovic 5-1. 

Lee Dae-hoon (South Korea) vs. Jaouad Achab (Belgium)

It was a slow opening round until Achab landed a head kick to go up three with less than five seconds remaining. 

Right off the bat in the second, Dae-hoon struck his own head kick then scored on the body to go up one. Achab would equalize before the round ended. 

Achab would take the lead at 5-4, but Dae-hoon would land two head kicks to rally for the lead, all through injury.

Dae-hoon def. Achab 11-7.


Raheleh Asemani (Belgium) vs. Naima Bakkal (Morocco)

Asemani def. Bakkal 12-0.

Servet Tazegul (Turkey) vs. Edgar Contreras (Venezuela)

Contreras def. Tazegul 5-4.

Phannapa Harnsujin (Thailand) vs. Kimia Alzadeh Zenoorin (Iran)

Zenoorin def. Harnsujin 14-10. 

Ghofran Ahmed (Egypt) vs. Lee Dae-hoon (South Korea)

Dae-hoon def. Ahmded 14-6.

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