Nikita Glasnovic (Sweden) vs. Jade Jones (Great Britain)

The only strike of the first round was a body kick from Jade Jones to earn a one point lead. 

Jones feasted with push kicks in the second, but was caught with a head kick to head into the the break only up one.

In the final round, Jones came out firing, going up 9-3 with body shots and a head kick.

Jones def. Glasnovic 9-4.

Alexey Denisenko (Russia) vs. Jaouad Achab (Belgium)

Scoreless until the final minute of the third round, Denisenko scored a body kick then followed up with a head kick to go up 4-0. Achab scrambled to come back, but to no avail. 

Denisenko def. Achab 6-1.

Hedaya Wahba (Egypt) vs. Eva Calvo Gomez (Spain) 

The first three rounds went scoreless, and in the sudden death round, Eva Calvo Gomez scored on a body kick to advance.

Gomez def. Wahba 1-0.

 Ahmad Abughaush (Jordan) vs. Joel Gonzalez (Spain)

Abughaush got to an early lead with a body kick, then scored a spinning body kick to end the first round up 4-0. 

It was more of the same in the second, with Abughaush going up 7-0. 

The final round had Gonzalez chasing, but would never catch up.

Abughaush def. Gonzalez 12-7. 


Suvi Mikkonen (Finland) vs. Nikita Glasnovic (Sweden)

To open the scoring in the first round, they each scored simultaneous three point strikes, but Glasnovic went ahead with a body hit to end the round. 

After a scoreless second round, Glasnovic extends her lead to four points with a head kick, and goes on to fight defensively en route to the victory.

Glasnovic def. Mikkonen 7-4. 

Alexey Denisenko (Russia) vs. Servet Tazegul (Turkey)

Denisenko countered Tazegul’s advance with a head kick for the first registered strike of the match. Tazegul earned a point back with Denisenko going out of bounds. 

More of the same in the second round, Denisenko jumped out to a 17-2 lead, and Tazegul had to throw everything he had to keep the match going another round. Denisenko would win on point gap.

Denisenko def. Tazegul 19-6. 

Jade Jones (Great Britain) vs. Raheleh Asemani (Belgium)

Jones jumped out to a 7-1 lead , scoring a body kick, and two head kicks to end the first round on top. 

For the rest of the fight, Jones defended her lead excellently. 

Jones def. Asemani 7-2. 

Karol Robak (Poland) vs. Jaouad Achab (Belgium)

Robak broke the ice with the only strike of the first round, a one point body kick. 

Achab scored two body kicks and a head kick in the second round to grab a sizable lead.

In the final round, Achab had an 8-2 lead, but it was cut to three, and with four seconds left Robak thought he had a head kick equalizer but it was ruled not to count since Achab was already on the floor.

Achab def. Robak 9-7. 

Eva Calvo Gomez (Spain) vs. Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin (Iran)

Zenoorin opened the scoring in the second round with a head kick, and later added a body kick, but Gomez struck her own spinning body kick to cut the lead. Later, Gomez scored a spinning head kick to take a three point lead into the break. 

With just under a minute left, Zenoorin just skimmed Gomez’s nose for a three point head kick. to cut the lead to one. Gomez held on though, narrowly avoiding a last-second head kick. 

Gomez def. Zenoorin 8-7. 

Lee Dae-hoon (South Korea) vs.  Ahmad Abughaush (Jordan)

Abughaush led 2-1 after the first round, and scored a vital head kick to go up by four points, but gave a point back in the final seconds.

Dae-hoon had to come out swinging in the final round, and did, but Abughaush countered enough to keep his lead.

They raised each other’s arms at the conclusion.

Abughaush def. Dae-hoon 11-8. 

Mayu Hamada (Japan) vs. Hedaya Wahba (Egypt)

After three rounds of scoreless fighting, Wahba scored a chop kick to the head to seal the victory in extra time.

Wahba def. Hamada 3-0. 

Joel Gonzalez (Spain) vs. Temuujin Purevjav (Mongolia)

Purevjav scored a body kick for the only registered strike of the first round, but Gonzalez rattled off two kicks and got Purevjav on the ground to earn three-straight points in the second round. 

In the third, Gonzalez rode out the win, defending and countering when Purevjav approached. 

Gonzalez def. Purevjav 7-4. 

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