Andrea Kilday (New Zealand) vs. Iris Tang Sing (Brazil)

Brazilian Iris Tang Sing took control in the second round, going up 6-1. However, in the third round, Kilday scored a quick body shot and a head kick to cut Sing’s lead to 6-5. Kilday then thought she scored another three point head kick, but it was not given, even after review.

Final score: 7-5 in favor of Sing.  

Ron Atias (Israel) vs. Venilton Torres Teixeira (Brazil)

A slow first round gave Teixeira a 3-0 lead. In the second round, after testing the equipment to see if it was faulty, Teixeira turned it on. Delivering head kick after head kick, he won on point gap.

Final score: 16-2 in favor of Teixeira.

Itzel Adilene Manjarrex Bastidas (Mexico) vs. Rosa Keleku Lukusa (DR Congo)

After a relatively slow first and second rounds, Bastidas landed a few head kicks to extend her lead, and closed the fight out comfortably. 

Final score: 9-5 in favor of Bastidas.

Carlos Ruben Navarro Valdez (Mexico) vs. Yousef Shriha (Libya)

Valdez took off fast, getting to a 12-1 lead in the first round. After a bit of a comeback by Shriha, Valdez grabbed control again, and won on point gap. 

Final score: 23-9 in favor of Valdez.

Patimat Abakarova (Azerbaijan) vs. Tijana Bogdanovic (Serbia)

In a very low scoring match, Bogdanovic scored a head kick in the first round, and defended from that point on. 

Final score: 3-2 in favor of Bogdanovic.

Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (Spain) vs. Shuai Zhao (China)

Cabrera took an early lead with a punch, but then lost the lead at the end of the first round. He tied it up again with another punch in the second, but Zhao then ran away with the match.

Final score: 7-3 in favor of Zhao.

Wu Jingyu (China) vs. Huang Huai-hsuan (Chinese Taipei)

The two-time reigning gold medalist impressed in her first match, showing both offensive and defensive prowess. 

Final score: 10-1 in favor of Jingyu.

Farzan Ashourzadeh (Iran) vs. Omar Hajjami (Morocco)

Intense moments late in the match, as Ashourzadeh was up 3-0 with ten seconds left, but conceded a body shot, and then a three-point spinning kick as time expired to lose the match.

Final score: 4-3 in favor of Hajjami.

Maria Andrade (Cape Verde) vs. Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand)

In a one sided match, Wongpattanakit won by point gap.

Final score: 18-6 in favor of Wongpattanakit.

Tawin Hanprab (Thailand) vs. Kim Tae-hun (South Korea)

A tight match all the way, Hanprab scored a three point head kick soon after falling down to break the 7-7 deadlock. Tae-hun was chasing from then on. 

Final score: 12-10 in favor of Hanprab. 

Kim So-hui (South Korea) vs. Julissa Diez Canseco Verde (Peru)

So-hui was dominant all match, only allowing Verde to score two points.

Final score: 10-2 in favor of So-hui.

Si Mohamed Ketbi (Belgium) vs. Safwan Khalil (Australia)

Even with getting hit by an illegal punch to the neck, Khalil still impressed by taking care of the young, talented Belgian.

Final score: 8-1 in favor of Khalil.

Monica Pimentel Rodriguez (Aruba) vs. Yasmina Aziez (France)

No points were scored in the first two rounds. In the third, Aziez broke the ice, but Rodriguez soon reciprocated. With 30 seconds remaining, Aziez landed a kick to the body for the last score.

Final score: 2-1 in favor of Aziez.

Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic) vs. Levent Tuncat (Germany)

Luisito Pie was disqualified. Tuncant moves on.

Lucija Zaninovic (Croatia) vs. Ainur Yesbergenova (Kazakhstan)

The first round was close, but soon Zaninovic’s offense was too much to stop. 

Final score: 18-7 in favor of Zaninovic.

Rui Braganca (Portugal) vs. Oscar Munoz Oviedo (Colombia)

Braganca came out kicking high, and caught Oviedo with a kick to the face that didn’t register. The challenge was successful. Though he was knocked down with a vicious leg kick that seemed to stun him, Braganca won by point gap. 

Final score: 14-2 in favor of Braganca. 

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