Iris Tang Sing (Brazil) vs. Itzel Adilene Manjarrez Bastidas (Mexico)

After a scoreless first round, Bastidas opened the scoring in the second round with a head kick, then completed another one and scampered to the out of bounds to avoid giving up strikes of her own. 

In the third round it was more of the same, with Bastidas scoring two punches to the body and and a body kick. With little time remaining, the match was helter skelter with Sing going for it all, but came up short in front of her home fans.

Final score: 14-4 in favor of Bastidas.

Venilton Torres Teixeira (Brazil) vs. Carlos Ruben Navarro Valdez (Mexico)

Valdez earned the only point of the first round due to Teixeira going out of bounds and then falling down, stopping play. 

In the second round, Valdez started coming on strong, scoring a body kick, a spinning body kick and a head kick. Teixeira earned points back later in the round with a head kick of his own.

Teixeira pressed on in the final round, but Valdez showed strong defense to secure the win.

Final score: 8-5 in favor of Valdez. 

Tijana Bogdanovic (Serbia) vs. Wu Jingyu (China)

Bogdanovic scored the only attack of the first round, scoring a three point head kick. 

Jingyu came alive in the second, scoring five body kicks and forcing Bogdanovic out twice, earning an extra point. Bogdanovic had two body kicks of her own, and earned another point off a technicality between the referee and Jingyu.

The Serbian came out strong in the third round, scoring multiple head kicks to defeat the two-time reigning gold medalist.

Final score: 17-7 in favor of Bogdanovic.

Shuai Zhao (China) vs. Omar Hajjami (Morocco)

The first round was dominated by Zhao, who rocked Hajjami with a head kick to go up 4-0. 

It was more of the same in the second round, with Zhao taking an 8-0 lead before giving up his first point on a body kick. 

Zhao coasted to the win in the third round, with no attacks registered.

Final score: 8-1 in favor of Zhao. 

Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand) vs. Kim So-hui (South Korea)

Wongpattanakit started well and scored first with a body kick. So-hui drew level and then knocked Wongpattanakit down twice to go up a point. 

In the second round, So-hui came in close trying to attack Wongpattanakit, who countered with a head kick to go up 4-2. 

Down by two with four seconds left, So-hui landed a head kick and got Wongpattanakit out of bounds to go up by two. She ran away for the final seconds, giving up a point but securing the win.

Final score: 6-5 in favor of So-hui.

Tawin Hanprab (Thailand) vs. Safwan Khalil (Australia)

Scoreless after the first round, Khalil opened the scoring with a one point body shot. Soon after, attacks started flying, with head kicks delivered by both competitors. The second round ended 6-6. 

Khalil started the third by scoring two body shots, but Hanprab scored a quick flurry of strikes to take the lead late. 

Final score: 11-9 in favor of Hanprab.

Yasmina Aziez (France) vs. Lucija Zaninovic (Croatia) 

The first strike registered was a punch by Zaninovic in the second round. Aziez earned a point back from Zaninovic falling. Late in the second, they each earned a body kick point. 

Scoring in the third round ws kicked off by a Zaninovic punch, but Aziez scored a body kick soon after to tie it up. 

With a second remaining, Aziez landed a body kick as Zaninovic attempted a punch to advance.

Final score: 4-3 in favor of Aziez. 

Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic) vs. Rui Braganca (Portugal) 

With under a minute remaining the scoreless deadlock was broken, as Pie scored a three point head kick. He focused on his defense and escaping attacks to hold on to the victory. 

Final score: 3-1 in favor of Pie. 


Itzel Adilene Manjarrez Bastidas (Mexico) vs. Tijana Bogdanovic (Serbia)

The first registered strike of the match came with five seconds left in the second round, with Bogdanovic scoring a head kick for three points. 

Bastidas looked to cut the lead in the third round, but in the final minute, Bogdanovic scored two more head kicks and an additional body shot to close out the fight.

Final score: 10-0 in favor of Bogdanovic. 

Carlos Ruben Navarro Valdez (Mexico) vs. Shuai Zhao (China)

Zhao scored first with a body kick that sent Valdez to the ground, and later added to his lead to end the first round up 3-0.

In the second round, Valdez cut the lead to 3-2 with a punch to the body, then a nicely placed body kick. 

A clutch head kick by Zhao got the third round started, and it turned into a war, Valdez giving everything but coming up short.

Final score: 9-4 in favor of Zhao. 

Kim So-hui (South Korea) vs. Yasmina Aziez (France)

Scoreless after all three rounds, the match went to sudden death. 

With 36 seconds remaining, So-hui converted a body kick as Aziez charged to head for the gold medal match.

Final score: 1-0 in favor of So-hui.

Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic) vs. Tawin Hanprab (Thailand)

A head kick from each fighter had them tied at three, but Pie scored a late point to finish the round ahead. 

Hanprab came out striking in the second, and earned a point back. However, two falls gave Pie the lead right back. Hanprab converted a body kick late to tie the match. 

In the final round, Hanprab broken open the lead with a body kick and head kick in quick succession, going up four. Pie never came back.

Final score: 11-7 in favor of Hanprab. 

How we got to this point.

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