Game 1 – USA 13, Brazil 3

Game 2 – Hungary 8, Australia 8 (5-3)

Dora Antal scored undoubtedly the two biggest goals for Hungary in the Rio Games Monday against Australia.

Down a goal with 2:59 remaining in the fourth quarter, Antal caught a pass from across the pool and bounced a shot into the goal to tie the game at 8-8. With no more goals coming the rest of the way, the game ended in a tie and went to a penalty shootout.

Antal’s four teammates made all of their penalty shots, while Australia missed one, meaning all Antal had to do was score on the fifth and final shots and Hungary would advance to the semifinals.

The Hungarian driver did just that, throwing a shot past a diving Lea Yanitsas in goal for Australia to cap off the win for Hungary 13-11.

The loss marks the first time Australia has failed to make the semifinals in the Olympics since women’s water polo was introduced in 2000.

Australia held a sizable lead early, getting out to a 5-1 lead in the first quarter. Hungary kept swinging though, and pulled within a goal after three quarters, to head to the fourth down 7-6.

Australia’s Bronwen Knox scored first in the fourth to go back up two, but Hungary’s Barbara Bujka answered with a left-handed shot from the center of the pool that skidded its way into the net to.

Hungary had two shots saved as the clock wound down in the fourth, but finally found the net again on Antal’s goal with just under three minutes remaining.

Knox was the lone shooter to miss her penalty shot, throwing the ball off the post while shooting third for Australia.

Bujka and Rita Keszthelyi had two goals each in regulation to lead Hungary.

Australia’s Ash Southern led all scorers with three goals on three shots. Yanitsas had 12 saves in regulation.

The loss officially eliminates Australia (2-2) from medal contention. Hungary (2-2) will move on to face the U.S. on Wednesday. 

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