Former ‘Dream Team’ attorney confident in O.J. Simpson’s release from parole

YARMOUTH, Maine (WHDH) — O.J. Simpson’s former attorney said he is confident the parole board could be influenced to release his former client from prison.

F. Lee Bailey spoke with 7News at his home in Yarmouth, Maine. He was part of Simpson’s “dream team” during his murder trial, when he was found not guilty of killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. A picture of the Oct. 1995 verdict being read now hangs in Bailey’s home and he told 7News he still believes Simpson is innocent.

“There’s no way O.J. could have, let alone would have, slaughtered the mother of his children,” said Bailey.

More than 20 years later, Simpson has come up for parole after serving time for a 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction in Nevada. Bailey believes Simpson qualifies for parole in “every single way” and said the parole board can be influenced.

“The parole board has to go home and listen to criticism, their kids have to go to school and there’s gonna be repurcussions from both sides no matter what happens,” said Bailey.

Bailey has not talked to Simpson since the night before his trial ended in Las Vegas. He said if everyone knew Simpson like he did, they would be convinced that he is not a danger to anyone.

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