New video shows the moment a monster truck pulled electrical wires onto spectators at a show in Maine over the weekend. 

The crash happened on Saturday near 2 p.m. at the Topsham Fairgrounds, according to police in Topsham, Maine. 

Police in a post on Facebook said the fairgrounds were hosting a monster truck show on a dirt horse racing track when one of the trucks went over a jump and hit an aerial utility wire. 

“This wire became caught on the truck, and when it pulled tight several utility poles were pulled down,” police said. 

Topsham police said falling equipment from a utility pole hit and injured one spectator. One other person was also injured, according to police. Both people were taken to local hospitals and there was no immediate update on their condition. 

Police said the incident forced crews to temporarily shut down power throughout much of Topsham “so that persons could be safely treated and evacuated from the scene.”

In newly-obtained video of the incident, spectators can be seen scattering as wires fall from above. One man is seen lifting a large wire off his back while shielding a child. 

In a conversation with reporters, one woman recalled the moment she saw utility equipment fall onto another spectator. 

“It just took him down like a ton of bricks,” said Kayla Rench. “And he didn’t even see it coming. It was awful. And then, of course, there’s live wires, so people can’t do anything yet. And he was calling for help.”

Rench said she could hear her son crying. 

“I couldn’t get to him,” she said. “So, it was, like, the worst feeling.”

“I don’t like to place fault or blame, but I think that people need to take more time when planning these events and really looking at what could happen,” Rench said. “Nobody wants this stuff to happen.”

The driver of the monster truck was OK following this incident. 

Police said the crash remained under investigation.

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