‘My whole life is not the same’: Woman pulled from car after R.I. police shooting shares story

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WHDH) — A woman caught in the middle of a police chase and shooting on I-95 in Providence said she is still terrified a week after the incident.

Melissa Rios said she was traveling on I-95 when her car got rammed repeatedly by a white pickup truck. The driver was being chased by police, who believed they were following a suspect who stole a police cruiser earlier in the day.

“I was just crying. I looked in my rearview mirror and now I see cops running with guns,” said Rios. “And now the truck hits me harder. I just start screaming.”

Police officers then opened fire on the pickup truck, killing the driver and injuring his passenger. Rios said she kept thinking of her four children at home and threw herself to the passenger side of her car, screaming for help. A Providence police officer managed to pull her to safety and Rios said she wants to thank the officer for helping her.

Rios said she is still haunted by the incident and is unable to get into a car without wearing a towel over her eyes.

“I can’t sleep. When I sleep, I wake up just screaming,” said Rios. “My whole life is not the same.”

Rios’ car was totaled in the crash. She said she is considering suing to recover costs.

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